Dentacoin and Indacoin to Deliver Feeless Transactions for the Dental Industry
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Dentacoin and Indacoin to Deliver Feeless Transactions for the Dental Industry

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Philipp Grenzebach, Co-Founder and Business Developer

Philipp Grenzebach, Co-Founder and Business Developer

FREMONT, CA: Dental care is expensive, both for the practitioner and the patient. A modern dental setup requires substantial investment in equipping the clinic with state-of-the-art equipment, special tools, and medicine. Dentacoin, a leading provider of a blockchain solution for the global dental industry, has taken a big stride in making dental care more affordable.

As the first and foremost developer of dental cryptocurrency, Dentacoin provides assurance model-based services to enhance the efficiency of supply chains, enable payments, and strengthen the bond among the market participants in the dental industry. It helps dental practitioners to pursue a successful patent-driven practice through Dentacoin cryptocurrency and specialized software tools. Many clinics, labs, and suppliers from over 22 countries across six continents have adopted Dentacoin as their official currency.

Dentacoin recently announced a partnership with Indacoin, a digital platform service provider. Indacoin is one of the most secure platforms in Europe to purchase digital assets, and it also provides services in almost all countries, enabling secure digital asset purchases through a 3D Visa or MasterCard.

The collaboration will enable users to buy Dentacoin currency through their bank card with 0 percent fees. The transaction can be carried out using Indacoin’s mobile app, website, or the Dentacoin wallet dApp. Jeremias Grenzebach, the co-founder and core developer at Dentacoin Foundation, said, “For us, it is crucial to provide convenient options for dentists and patients to buy Dentacoin. Buying it with a card with a 0 percent transaction fee is a great step toward a higher adoption rate from dental practices around the world. We are glad to partner with Indacoin as a proven secure platform.”

The fees concession for Dentacoin card users has facilitated seamless incorporation of blockchain technology with dentistry. The upgrades provided by the service providers enable a smooth flow of industry-specific cryptocurrency. It will not only remove the obstacles for the end user but also introduce higher efficiency into the process.

Philip Grenzebach, co-founder and business developer at Dentacoin, said, "The Dentacoin token is the first ever cryptocurrency designed for the global dental industry, attempting to develop an actual substance and value that represents the dental health of all individuals.”

 “It took us several years of painstaking efforts to create a platform that enables fraud-free payment processing. We want to offer clients the opportunity to purchase crypto through Indacoin with a banking card without any troubles,” said Stanislav Kosorukov, CEO of Indacoin.

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