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Dependance of Cannabis Tech on IoT

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The IoT technology is unlocking unknown features to help and develop farms growing legalized cannabis.

FREMONT, CA: With the credential of marijuana slowly and steadily transforming from a recreational stimulant to medicinal narcotics, the cannabis market is experiencing stratospheric popularity among various healthcare enterprises. The unexpected appeal of cannabis has not only led to the development of sophisticated tech-terms such as cannatech but has also given rise to cutting-edge connective technologies.

 In 2018, the legal cannabis sales in the United States alone reached to about $10 billion, and with the decriminalization of marijuana in the developing countries, the sales number will break the $20billion mark by 2023. Furthermore, the expansion of the marijuana market globally has led to the foundation of a new technology known as cannatech.

When it purely comes to business stances, the manufacturers and marijuana growers are subjected to a lot of challenges. Those include high taxes, fund refusals, and competitive black markets. Needless to say, efficient operational management to keep the focus on the budget should solve the supply chain challenges.

The Internet of Things (IoT) for Cannabis

As nearly half of the states in the US presently allow the citizens to grow their own plants, the development of fine-tuned technology is elevating with each passing day. Enterprises are integrating cannatech to optimize crop management and distribution.

With large scale operations ramping up to undertake new technology for fulfilling improvement in crop outputs, the whole specialized market is experiencing an elevated quality to optimize the customer’s shopping experience.

Connected Growing

Cultivating marijuana is a complex task to figure, there are multiple factors associated which, when not regulated correctly, may lead to the death of the flowers. However, with the integration of IoT technology in farms, the managers are able to produce sophisticated quality material with low cost, therefore, increasing the profit of the agricultural enterprise.

Agricultural sensors and IoT technology powered connected farming systems empower an entrepreneur to manipulate environments suitable for cannabis production. Continuing the streak of IoT devices are the thermostat, humidity sensor, scheduled watering systems, and temperature panels which not only provide an optimal environment required to produce perfect crops but also enable maximum yield with minimum loss.

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