Design Software's Role In The Current World Scenario
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Design Software's Role In The Current World Scenario

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fremont, CA: Technology has entered into every domain. Today, computers are not just a prerogative of the IT world but are a part of everyday life and business. Computer software that was earlier used to make a CPU work, today, is used to control satellites, ships and aircrafts. Software is also used in meteorology, environmental engineering and mining of natural resources like oil and gas. Technologies that are developed for oil and gas, plays a vital role in the world economy and are also extended to space programs.

Designs that were earlier made using sketches on a piece of paper are now done using computers. Today we have software for every stage of an oil and gas plant, from developing a conceptual model, detailed design, verification, modification and manufacturing. Enhanced 3D offers ways to scan through the thick salt layers for resources.

Ardmore Craig, a company that provide services ranging from concept development, detailed design, verification and manufacturing support for companies like BP and Eon, has relied upon Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD as their premier designing tool. Ardmore Craig is also looking forward to using Autodesk 3ds Max which can implement 3D modeling, animation, rendering and composing of designs.

Design quality and time constraints have always been in a tug-of-war and as such it is extremely important to have the right technological resources at disposal to get the work done with greater accuracy in the least possible time.

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