DeskAlerts Draws Attention by Offering Cloud Trial Version for Free

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 13, 2015

FREMONT, CA: DeskAlerts does it even better. It rolls out the new Cloud Trial Version for users to experience the application before agreeing on a contract. The module suits any size of business, small, medium or large; provided the company reconsiders its internal communication strategy. The software is easy to install and suits organizations that have limited resources.

DeskAlerts an internal messaging system; where notifications are usually sent by central administrator which cannot be ignored or deleted. To make sure that all employees have received the notification, detailed tracking and reporting functionality is included. General announcements like meeting schedules, server maintenance and even simple things like turning off lights and computer before leaving the office can also be sent.

Before the module is publicly available, it is tested by corporate representatives. Each company is offered their own private cloud with customized DeskAlerts version to achieve functional efficiency and security. Unauthorized log-ins, hacks and other public software related risks are thus eliminated.

The trial accounts are delivered by Amazon servers with unmatched speed and performance; even the paid version of the software is broadcasted by Amazon. Trial version provides nearly comparable functionality as the full version like survey module and emergency color coding.