DeskAlerts Launches Emergency Notification App for iOS Users

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 29, 2015

FREMONT, CA:DeskAlerts empowers iOS users with its latest follow up application - emergency alerts notification system for uninterrupted internal communication.  The new software is ideal for industries which need a secure alert system for instance healthcare and hospital centers to educational institutions and high rise office buildings, by sending predefined messages instantly.

“We appreciate that emergencies don’t necessarily occur when administrators happen to be working from their desktops. They may receive urgent news while commuting to work in the morning, attending a meeting, taking a lunch break, convening with clients or visiting a partner office in another city. The new iOS emergency notification app gives administrators the power to raise the alarm from anywhere, at any time,” says Anton Vdovin, DeskAlerts Director.

The new offering will allow the administrators to spread out emergency notifications through an Apple device and comes with capacity to support emergency notification distribution form any geographic location with mobile reception.

The key highlights

The emergency notification system comes with embedded URLs to make external pages appear in a browser and comes with multimedia support that includes ending videos, flash, images and HTML content. This means the administrator does not have to log into DeskAlert account or be physically present in front of a desktop to send alert, they can send with push of button through their mobile devices. This will increase work efficiency and speedy recovery at the time of crisis. It also comes with active directory or electronic directory support with synchronization across unlimited domains with predefined date and time is available.