Desktop Alert Announces BlackBerry Emergency Mass Notification App

By CIOReview | Monday, August 3, 2015

CHATHAM, NJ: Desktop Alert, an enterprise platform for emergency communication and mass notification, has released BlackBerry Mass Notification mobile application. They provide mobile apps compatible with BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices.

The application has to be installed and activated with Desktop Alert Server. The user can receive mobile alerts (via push notification), view recently received alerts and also send alerts.

The Desktop Alert server is evacuated from the outer world with huge security provided through firewalls. The incoming connections from the outer world are blocked so as to not reach the server. Only the connections from internal network are allowed to reach the server. As mobiles are not actually connected to the internal network, the mobile phones are restricted from contacting the server.

Therefore, to provide the mobile phones the access to the server, the on-premises service connects to the relay service through an outbound port. It creates bidirectional communication by assigning an address to the port. The relay service will then broadcast the messages to on-premises service. Such connections are guarded using HTTPS (TLS/SSL). The communication is based on simple REST-style requests that are authenticated.

The registration and activation process only requires the entry of a simple 6 digit code to activate the Blackberry application on private networks,” says Howard Ryan, CEO, Desktop Alert.