DevDigital Gets a Subsidiary to Better Manage its Music Business Software

By CIOReview | Friday, April 25, 2014

FREMONT, CA: DevDigital, a provider of music business software has announced a new company called ‘Kalatech’ for better management of their soaring music business software products. Kalatech will work towards achieving efficient operations management with its products like Booking Agency Pro, Publishing Pro and Tour Pro, reports PRWeb.

The software services offered by the company would come in handy for music industry professionals to manage their artist bookings, writer catalogs and tour logistics. Offering real-time information, these software platforms takes the holistic approach in addressing the needs of these professionals. Each solution among the Booking Agency Pro, Publishing Pro and Tour are designed for working with different departments of the music industry business.

Booking Agency Pro software is designed for booking agencies to manage their artists. Making offers, managing contracts, tracking deposits, and business reporting is well taken care of through this solution. Offers and contracts can be sent in PDF format via email to the artist’s manager, venue, buyer and agent as required. The solution is delivered in real-time through web-based interface. Security is implemented in the form of maintaining a user access hierarchy as the program comes with different user access levels.

Publishing Pro offers tools to track songwriters and catalogs from remote location via internet. Publishers can manage a song’s admin information and ownership once a song appears in the catalog manager.

Tour Pro helps in managing artist’s tour. Artist, band, production and crew coordination can  be achieved along with maintaining the communication between the management, public relations, promoters and record labels.

By bringing down the time required to go about managing the business processes using these software, the user can save his time. “The most rewarding part of working with these products is watching our clients’ processes evolve; what used to take them hours will only take minutes now. Additionally they have confidence with where their business stands because the information is accessible in real time,” says Brittany Wegusen, CEO of kalatech. “My team and I are no strangers to developing valuable technology over the last three years, creating value by closely working with our clients, listening to their feedback and observing how the operating process can be improved.”