DevOps: A Process to Fast Track Application Development
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DevOps: A Process to Fast Track Application Development

By CIOReview | Friday, December 14, 2018

Development and operations are two integral part of a project. Overlapping functions can create issues between the development and operations teams. DevOps is a technology that has helped to bridge the gap between development and operations team by streamlining all the processes in a project. The key components of DevOps which helps to make this technology efficient are as follows:

An Agile Framework: Agile framework allows the development team to make changes in the designs very swiftly. Agile also enable the development team to fix applications, modify designs and add any new feature to the design. Examples of the agile framework are Scrum and Kanban.

Automated testing:  Testing team run the application on multiple platforms to check the usability of the application. The testing team finds any bug in the application. Manual testing can take days to check all the functionality of an application and halt the progress of the development team. DevOps team automates the testing of all the repeated processes. Selenium and QTP provide automated testing solutions.

Configuration Management: Configuration management is the process of verifying that the application runs on the specified environments. It converts the design source code into a configuration file. There are two ways to utilize the configuration file; at Runtime and at Deployment time.

Regular Integration: After the completion of the development and testing of an application, it is connected with other applications in the project. Reducing manual intervention can increase the integration cycle of a project, as automated processes are fast and have very little or no errors.

Infrastructure as code: DevOps process allows the developers to apply previously used best practices to their infrastructure code using version control tools. This practice helps the developers to write the codes swiftly utilizing the experience of the previous developer. It will also allow code reusability. The DevOps processes automate running the scripts. Examples of version control tools are Git, SVN, etc.

Embracing the DevOps process in application development can surely help the organization. Along with the above components, DevOps can also help in escalation procedures, incident tracking system and so on. DevOps process can bring cultural change in an organization by streamlining the development and operations procedures.

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