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DevOps Automation: The Key to Managing Machine Identities

By CIOReview | Monday, December 24, 2018

Manual managing machine identities can lead to some specific cybersecurity problems. DevOps is perceived to be agile, and it defeats the purpose of agility when the work is manual. The time spent on manual management of machine identities can be spent on development and deploying patches or other improvements. Additionally, old techniques like manual machine identity lead to cyber attackers to hack into the trusted machine within a network.

DevOps teams are always under pressure to meet deadlines to deploy new features and fixes. Manual management process slows down the process. DevOps works with high agility and more efficiently if automation systems are implemented for machine identity deployment. Dynamic demands of privileged access management make role-based access control (RBAC) more responsive. Automation in the authentication systems can make the job of DevOps teams much more comfortable and safer.

Cyber attackers cannot hack development and testing environments if DevOps works with properly secures test certificates rather than production certificates. DevOps teams can make their networks secure by having systems built for continual monitoring, allowing them to release code in smaller chunks for quick and efficient deployment. Smaller patches are less likely to have bugs, and if new bugs are found, they can be found and patched much quicker.

Automation is the key for DevOps to improve their usage of machine identities. Implementing automation must be done with great care, and human error can also be removed. Automation helps to ensure application security across the development lifecycle.

Effective DevOps is continuous work to keep a network operating smoothly. Network applications are increasing in number and becoming complex and advanced. Ongoing work is being done with the cloud, machine learning, with automation, and virtualization.  Monolithic applications are now modular and entirely on-premises datacenters are now partially or wholly on the cloud. In the age of continual change, manually managed machine identities are becoming impractical and even problematic.

Forceful implementation of DevOps may create chaos. DevOps teams would be over-burdened with security updates, secrets rotation, support tickets, access control changes, deployment requests, and network reconfiguration.  DevOps adoption must be gradual and continual.

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