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DevOps Is Helping Enterprises to Carry Out Business Processes in a Secure Environment

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Enterprises have started realizing that cloud, artificial intelligence and DevOps are not a threat to security but actually they are the best way to reduce risk. DevSecOps thus is all set to steal the markets. New-generation processes and techniques along with DevOps and agile development work hand in hand in testing, developing, and distributing software of all types. They have been in the IT business news continually for quite some years now. Companies are looking for with new or improved tools that facilitate the automation that’s inherent in this segment. DevOps simply means development and operations and emphasizes on cooperation between developers and IT operations. Primarily the goal is to change and improve the relationship between software developers and operations. This is to be done by advocating better communication and collaboration between the two business units. DevOps is breaking down the difficult professional walls in an enterprise, and is advocating enabling efficient team work environments.  DevOps is overall speeding up and securing development.

Another goal of the DevOps is to get developers to move their applications from source code to production. With the help of DevOps this can be done as quickly and painlessly as possible. DevOps turns out to be immensely efficient as it breaks down silos and integrates core components for more simplified development and it uses a contiguous pipeline approach. High-performance IT organizations have already started to use DevOps and are having fewer failures in their business processes with much faster actions in disaster scenarios.  All of this is directly impacting the enterprises bringing in more profit.

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