Diablo Technologies Launches Memory1 to Transform Data Center Performance

By CIOReview | Monday, August 24, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: Diablo Technologies, a provider of technologies for next generation computing, launches Memory1, an all flash server system memory technology that restructures economics and the performance of Data Center. Diablo’s Memor1 replaces expensive conventional DRAM with low cost and higher capabilities.

Memory1 has a larger capacity than the DRAM modules, offering greater capability on less servers and low Data Center costs. The memory slots that currently hold 128 or 384 gigabytes of DRAM can now house up to four terabytes of Memory1 and process data intensive applications that were previously not possible. Memory1 is deployed into standard DDR DVIMM slots.

Memory1 is ideal for environments that require large memory devices per server for managing large workloads like Big Data analytics and complex web applications. It is compatible with standard motherboards, servers, Operating Systems, and applications. Diablo will initially focus on delivering Memory1 to cloud and hyperscale Data Centers, which require significant economic benefits because of their scale.

"Memory1 represents a major evolution in server architecture. The needs of the large-scale datacenter are changing, with a very sharp focus on increasing capability to win the Internet while managing tight constraints on cost and power. The Memory1 platform allows customers to leverage NAND flash as pure system memory in a seamless manner, with no changes to their hardware and software stacks," says Riccardo Badalone, CEO and Co-Founder, Diablo Technologies.