DialogTech Unveils SourceTrack 3.0; Facilitating Efficient Call Tracking for Digital Marketing Firms

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 25, 2016

FREMONT, CA: DialogTech, provider of call conversion and attribution platform for data based businesses disseminates the release of SourceTrak 3.0. The new product offers high end call tracking solutions for digital marketing enterprises worldwide. The latest version allows organizations to generate higher number of calls while also effectively optimizing and measuring digital marketing performance; hence boosting profitable outcome.  

The SourceTrack 3.0 happens to be the first solution for call tracking, paving a way for improved marketing operations. The technology yields a streamlined design, enhancing factors such as affordability, ease-of-implementation and reliability. Large organizations as well as marketing agencies are benefited from the innovative solutions offered by the company.

"Inbound phone calls are one of the strongest buying indicators in any customer journey," said Irv Shapiro, CEO of DialogTech.

Marketing teams in companies and agencies are focused on optimizing and analyzing the customer’s digital ads, searched keywords and website operations. DialogTech's SourceTrak 3.0 implements the same process in offline phone call conversions. With no change or disruption caused to website performance or digital ads, call data appears along with the online data in marketing solutions. Protected by the SpamSentry technology, SourceTrak 3.0 assures an accurate and spam free call data for their clients. The product also triggers a rapid and seamless implementation of call tracking on any websites for the marketing teams of enterprises. Users of the previous versions of SourceTrak can also have automatic access to the updated version.

DialogTech supports over 5,000 companies and agencies across a variety of industries. Apart from the call tracking software, the firm offers a wide range of products including call routing, hosted IVR, spam prevention, pay-per-call, voice notifications, call management and integrations.

"We engineered SourceTrak 3.0 to enable enterprise marketing teams and agencies to optimize digital campaigns for calls using the same martech solutions and processes they already use for clicks," adds Irv.