Diameter Health Joins Hands With Smile CDR To Provide Best-Of-Breed FHIR Solutions
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Diameter Health Joins Hands With Smile CDR To Provide Best-Of-Breed FHIR Solutions

By CIOReview | Saturday, July 2, 2022

Enterprise FHIR initiatives benefit from proven, scalable solutions from Diameter Health and Smile CDR.

FREMONT, CA: Clinical data is critical for pharmaceutical companies to study and evaluate the efficacy and safety of novel medical products during the medication and medical device development process. It becomes easier for patients who update their accurate health information for the doctor to give other medications. Smile CDR Inc. is a leading health data and integration company. Diameter Health is a data interoperability leader and trusted source for organizations seeking to realize the most significant value from clinical data. They formed a partnership to help organizations deploy their combined best-of-breed, proven HL7® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) solutions.

"As strong proponents of open standards, we are constantly seeking new ways and new partnerships to improve the patient-centricity of our products and services. Integrating our preeminent FHIR server with Diameter Health's best-of-breed technology for data upcycling, allows for improved clinical data usability and FHIR conversion and, importantly, better sharing of more complete health information for patients, providers and payers." says James Agnew, Chief Technology Officer of Smile CDR.

Due to the cooperation, organizations can now use Diameter Health's Fusion technology for Upcycling Data in conjunction with Smile CDR's Clinical Data Repository capabilities. These flexibly integrated components are integrated into an organization's existing enterprise data architecture without difficulty.

The Fusion API technology from Diameter Health makes upcycling clinical data from its raw state to a data asset that is compliant with national terminology standards, consistent with its original clinical objective, and further enriched for broadscale use. Clinical data is upcycled and then translated in real-time to FHIR resources using Diameter Health's FHIR conversion tool, resulting in clean, accurate, and comprehensive resources. The Smile CDR enterprise-grade, open framework data and integration platform provides a safe and flexible foundation to enable SMART on FHIR apps and facilitate interoperable data interchange.