Digital Asset Management Use Cases
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Digital Asset Management Use Cases

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Companies can grow their content without anxiety while preserving brand standards due to the critical role that DAM systems play in storing, organizing, and distributing vast amounts of digital assets.

Fremont, CA:Businesses must supply rich material across all viewing devices in today's digital world to promote their products. To do so, they need to first ensure that all of their digital content is housed in a single location that can be used by the entire company as a single source of truth. Syndicating an ever-increasing volume of media assets for all channels is also a difficult task because firms must convert each content into the appropriate format for delivery in context. Their solution is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.

Some of the common digital asset management (DAM) use cases:

Product marketing management

SKUs, comprehensive characteristics, such as size, weight, and distribution channels, and product data can be captured by DAM platforms with a robust product database. These platforms can also link to product documentation, such as packshots, ads, and branding materials. This is an excellent way to share product information with retailers and distributors.

Management of files

DAM solutions, in their most basic form, store, categorize, and manage photos, videos, and other digital assets. Companies may not only search for files by title, description, and keyword metadata, but they can also personalize the file-management system in their DAM to match their branding, color, and font preferences.

Enterprise brand management

A brand is more than just its logo; it's how people perceive a company based on their interactions with it. As a result, sound brand management adds a great value. Low sales, client loss, and delayed business growth can all be the consequences of poorly managed brands.

Creative workflow management

DAM is a critical component of asset production for brands that operate in a distributed, multichannel manner. With straightforward conversion processes, marketing and design teams can effortlessly store and use assets across many media formats. Despite the fact that asset generation is not exactly a component of DAM solutions—designers rarely develop art work in the DAM system—DAM can greatly speed up the process by acting as a repository for marketing campaign components.