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Digital Defense Inks Sponsorship Deal with CyberTexas

By CIOReview | Friday, May 20, 2016

SAN ANTONIO: In a recent development, Digital Defense has signed a pact with CyberTexas to offer them a long-term sponsorship and work closely in developing a strong Texas cyber-security workforce through various programs. Digital Defense is a provider of managed risk assessment solutions. The company offers a comprehensive suite of services and solutions through Frontline Vulnerability Manager, a proprietary cloud-based system that offers clients powerful assessment and remediation management capabilities. On the other hand, CyberTexas is a recent startup that guides academic, business and government organizations by developing, enhancing, promoting and sharing cyber security programs and capabilities.

Apart from the support offered to CyberTexas, Digital Defense is also active in the San Antonio cybersecurity community. They through the Southwest High School CyberPatriot program started in 2011 enables students to participate in national competitions as well as prepares them for future careers in this field. Larry Hurtado, CEO of Digital Defense asserts, “Over the past nearly twenty years, we have called San Antonio home and we have seen the cybersecurity community here grow and mature. We are committed to the education and development of cybersecurity professionals in our city and throughout Texas and are proud to be part of CyberTexas, leading the way on many of these initiatives.”

The deal would help CyberTexas strengthen their relationship with Digital Defense as well as enable them to improve and promote their education programs.  As a long-standing and important part of the cyber-security community, CyberTexas greatly appreciates Digital Defense’s sponsorship and continued support.

On similar lines, Digital Defense has also supported CyberSecuity San Antonio as a founding sponsor of the organization. Digital Defense is an active participant of San Antonio Chamber of Commerce’s Cybersecurity Committee since its inception is committed to CyberSecurity San Antonio’s charter in accelerating the growth of San Antonio’s cybersecurity sector.

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