'Digital HR' a Business Enabler in the Age of Digital Transformation
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'Digital HR' a Business Enabler in the Age of Digital Transformation

By CIOReview | Friday, March 1, 2019

Digitalization is bringing sea changes in business operations. A digital transformation journey is filled with the long-term benefits. As organizations undergo transformation, their departments are also undergoing tremendous changes. The human resource (HR) division is no exception from this. Digitalization has positively changed the HR division in the workplace. They revolutionized how organizations recruit, train, pay and retain employees. Automation is ruling the HR world benefiting the HR department to manage the massive volume of data with ease, few errors, and faster implementation enabling time-saving.

Digital HR, the process of optimization in which social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies are leveraged to make HR functions more efficient, a tectonic shift in the way HR division functions. It is not the sole application of technologies but, Digital HR should also align culture, talent, structure, and processes to balance innovation and efficiency and sustain a measurable impact on organizations.

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The dominance of the millennials at the workplace is a significant HR game changer. To recruit more millennials of a tech-savvy, highly collaborative and adaptable generation, organizations must focus on digitized demands. Also, the existing workforce must be trained to adapt to new technologies of the digitized workplace. Work from home and Homing from work are increasingly acceptable practices, which encourages remote working and flexible schedules that ensure work-life balance. Caring employees is stressed here. The use of self-service systems can help employees apply and manage their leave on their own.

The digital workspace is increasingly expanding to the cloud which is making a tremendous impact on the workplace. Shifting to Digital HR demands organizations to invest in cloud-based software solutions to automate the talent management process from recruitment to retention of employees. The cloud in HR is still in its infant stage, which offers information to be stored and retrieved from online and archived in secure locations. Firms are also integrating artificial intelligence into HR processes to reduce time-consuming administrative tasks. AI is showing great promises in helping HR division to deliver their digital HR strategies.

Mobile- enables HR solution is another hottest trend to contribute to self-service highly. Mobile devices make work convenient and cost-effective. Today recruiters are increasingly using mobile applications to filter the right candidate and to train their employees.

Digital transformation will determine the future of the human resource division. Organizations can adopt a different approach to digitize their workspace and workforce. Some salient features of Digital HR in the workplace include:

• Agility to integrate people, technology and processes

• Intelligence to adopt from other departments like Marketing or Operations

• Embrace Design thinking

• Ensure real-time employee experience

• Integrate analytics and reporting

The change is inevitable; otherwise, it compromises on efficiency. 

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