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Digital Immunity Strengthens its Cybersecurity With Latest Version 3.0 of DI PROTECT™

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 29, 2020
John Murgo, Founder & CEO

John Murgo, Founder & CEO

Hackers and cybercriminals are continually improving and adapting methods to compromise the information systems, and companies desperately play catch up all the time. Digital Immunity brings out its latest version of DI Protect to fight against cyber threats.

FREMONT, CA: Digital Immunity, a Cybersecurity organization, is redefining how endpoints are protected with its Bioinformatic based security solution DI Protect ™. Its cybersecurity solution, DI PROTECT™, uses a unique bioinformatic architecture to stay ahead.

DI PROTECT™ blocks all kinds of threats, comprising APT's and zero-day attacks, from executing in memory at runtime. It hardens mission-critical operating systems and also applications, with no disturbance of production or processes.

DI PROTECT continuously verifies the goodness of code executing in memory at runtime. By outlining the DNA of apps and operating systems, DI PROTECT equals the known DNA with the executing code, allowing DI PROTECT to keep Operational Technology and mission-critical IT infrastructure productive and secure at runtime. The solution even prevents attacks from disguised as legal code or morphing malware.

John Murgo, CEO at Digital Immunity, commented, "The bad guys aren't sitting around using the same old exploits; they are continually discovering new ways to rob and destroy our organizations."

Version 3.0 DI PROTECT™ upgrade focuses on operational efficiency and efficiency, with DI Protect receiving important updates and enhancements, which include:

• Support for Microsoft Windows XP SP2 operating systems.Top Cyber Security Solution Companies

• DI Collector - Centralized multi-site DI PROTECT™ data access.

• Enhanced protection against Privilege Escalation exploits.

• Enhanced Countermeasures, including Shellcode detection, to prevent attackers from remotely gaining control of vulnerable systems.

• Detecting .NET assemblies being loaded via the CLR (Common Language Runtime) to avoid code byte attacks

• Enhanced Threat Hollowing to neutralize Reflective/PE Injection threats, Malicious Script threats, and JavaScript Injection attacks

• Numerous other stability updates, fixes and performance enhancements

"Because we are the only company on the market to utilize bioinformatics, we are uniquely positioned to stay a step ahead of any exploits the bad guys can build," Murgo concluded. CIOReview Magazine named Digital Immunity as one of the 20 Most Promising Cybersecurity Solution Providers 2019.

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