Digital Leaders Come Together For Picture Perfect Videos
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Digital Leaders Come Together For Picture Perfect Videos

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 30, 2014

IRVINE,CA: AllDigital, the digital broadcasting solutions has proudly announced a partnership with IRIS.TV, a leading video recommendation engine.

While AllDigital caters secured digital broadcasting services across mobile, desktop and digital television, IRIS.TV’s Adaptive Stream creates highly personalized videos that make audiences glued to their programs. AllDigital’s content management system reportedly will use Adaptive steam technology without interfering their current infrastructure.

"We are excited to work with some of the best established and emerging brands and technology partners in the industry. The partnership with Iris has already delivered a strong new client win with a major media and entertainment brand,” says Tim Napoleon, Chief Strategist of AllDigital.

These types of collaborations of broadcasting solutions with various video recommendation engines can offer right piece of contents to right audiences. “We are incredibly excited to work with AllDigital to enliven the consumption of digital video from one based on clicks to a fully automated and engaging lean-back experience," says Richie Hyden, COO of IRIS.TV.

According to recent reports, with this adaptive video recommendation, media companies can get a better understanding of their audience’s interests and can built a lean back experience along with an expanded monetization.

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