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Digital Marketing Strategies Law Firms Should Adopt

By CIOReview | Monday, November 19, 2018

The Internet is a necessity in the modern day world. Every industrial sector uses internet and cannot function without utilizing it. Digital marketing is a field that helps companies rank on the internet for traffic, lead generation, conversion.  Law firms can be benefitted from digital marketing as well. There are several digital marketing campaigns that a law firm can adopt for better business opportunities.

Organic Results

Organic results mean the results that come up on a search engine when someone performs a search.  People don’t search for a specific law firm or a lawyer. For example, people search for ‘best law firms around me’ or ‘best criminal lawyer in the city.’ Individuals click on the first few results that show up. Law firms must create a digital presence. First, they need to get top spots in the search results, and for that, the firms must create high quality and relevant content that their prospective clients want to read. Law firms must understand the needs of the audience. Creating relevant content creates reliability and increases credibility.

People are continually looking for legal advice from attorneys. The content created by the firm must be crystal clear about a few topics. For example, an attorney can’t tell a reader how long it will take to resolve a case, because every situation is different. Instead, an attorney can inform the reader about the ramifications of taking legal actions. Marketers should interact with attorneys to identify the questions they are frequently asked so that relevant content creation takes place.

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Along with the organic campaign, law firms should also use pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. With Google Ads, Google displays the ad on its network as well as on the search engine results page (SERP).  To be successful with PPC, a law firm must identify the target group of audience. PPC results are instant, and these results can be leveraged to gain attention in the market while organic efforts gradually perform and improve. Highly competitive keywords get high traction, but this can make it highly competitive to rank on SERP.

To identify relevant keywords, several tools free and paid tools are available in the market.  Once the keywords are chosen, the ad copy formation with a compelling message is the next step. While forming an ad copy, efficiency is the key. The message on the ad copy should be efficient.

Social Media

Social media is an excellent platform for a digital strategy. Several social media platforms provide a space for developing personal relationships. Share the content of the website and identify the posts that are most effective. Social media is a great platform to share the personality of your law firm. Share pictures of the office party and use the platforms to amplify the organization's reputation.

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