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Digital Marketing: The Future is Here!

By CIOReview | Monday, April 9, 2018

The digital marketing framework, which needs to be revisited at least once in every 12-24 months to ensure relevance, is constantly being disrupted. As the fourth such framework looms ahead, with the first happening in 2000, businesses need to prepare for the next disruption.

Digital Marketing 4.0 requires:

• Integrated Global Marketing—a combination of inbound and outbound marketing

• An entire stack of marketing technology infrastructure tools that are designed and integrated correctly, as a single social media tool or CRM tool cannot provide the solution to every problem

• Well-informed CMOs who are aware of the possibilities of implementing marketing automation to aid in executing marketing playbooks and help CIOs in measuring end-to-end return on investment

• An omnichannel marketing strategy, which provides a diversity of mediums in communicating the brand and increasing its value. This comprises data mining techniques like AI and machine learning, and deep analytics.

• Increased focus on business-to-business (B2B) account-based marketing. Account-based selling is expected to become a differentiator between B2C and B2B organizations. This needs to become an integrated part of the digital marketing process of any business, including B2B SaaS and modern managed service providers (MSP).

• Tracking and analysing customer behaviour to understand what engages their digital avatars the most. It has been observed that a recurring behavioural pattern leads to the adoption of new digital experiences. These offerings provide:

1. Increased ease and speed of access to digital content,

2. Enhanced interaction with digital content, and the desire to engage with them over longer periods of time,

Customization of experiences by selecting and modifying a wide range of products, services and information.