Digital Nirvana To Bring Monitoriq Rm For Monitoring Remote Hub Or Headend Sites
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Digital Nirvana To Bring Monitoriq Rm For Monitoring Remote Hub Or Headend Sites

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 26, 2022

MonitorIQ RM is a new product from Digital Nirvana for monitoring remote hub or headend sites.

FREMONT, CA: Video surveillance is frequently used for the following purposes—remote video monitoring: to deter theft, burglaries, and dishonest employees. Protection of the perimeter of the property or the perimeter of buildings: to safeguard the perimeter of the property or structures. Monitor operations: to keep an eye on day-to-day operations and as a means of streamlining them. Digital Nirvana, a provider of advanced media monitoring and metadata production services, brings MonitorIQ RM, a cost-effective video monitoring solution for remote hub and head office locations. MonitorIQ RM satisfies a vital requirement among video distributors to replace old Slingbox and Volicon RPM systems for remote video monitoring at the edge.

"We designed MonitorIQ RM only for remote monitoring, taking away the things people don't need and simplifying the user interface to make it extremely easy to do the job with as few clicks as possible. Then we found a price and functionality point that makes it a smart solution to both purchase and deploy," states Russell Wise, senior vice president at Digital Nirvana. "It's especially pertinent in Volicon RPM and Slingbox remote monitoring-type situations, where we can bring access to live and recorded video at the touch of a fingertip from any place in the world."

MonitorIQ RM is a derivation of Digital Nirvana's MonitorIQ, the most dependable and straightforward solution on the market for broadcast compliance and media monitoring. MonitorIQ RM is designed to monitor large numbers of individual locations rapidly. Cable operators and other video distributors can use MonitorIQ RM to monitor hundreds of servers across a large geographic area to ensure proper ad insertion, signal quality, service delivery, and programming placement at the local level—all from single or multiple central locations throughout the country. MonitorIQ RM enables technical and support staff to provide live service and monitor high-profile events from any central location, avoiding wasteful truck rolls.

Technicians may monitor the complete channel lineup, change channels, view, fast forward, rewind, and browse through live or recorded material using the MonitorIQ RM interface—all organized by region, ad zone, or even specific hubs or headends.

Additionally, technicians may arrange recordings quickly and easily using the electronic program guide, which saves substantial time when programming the same recording multiple times. Rather than traveling to each channel separately to schedule a recording, technicians can schedule it instantaneously and simultaneously on many channels and in various zones. For instance, one click can record Bloomberg Television at 2 p.m. in a few areas on the West Coast and a few more in the Midwest and East Coast.

MonitorIQ RM systems include streamlined hardware and software optimized for remote monitoring. Digital Nirvana eliminated redundant back-end features, including metadata, closed captioning, and SCTI monitoring with MonitorIQ RM. As a result, Digital Nirvana could bring the price of MonitorIQ RM units down to an appropriate level for this application. Cable operators may now afford to deploy hundreds of units to headends throughout their network while maintaining high scalability and security as the old MonitorIQ solution.