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Digital Power-Optimization Raises $440,000 Seed II Funding Round

By CIOReview | Friday, February 5, 2021

Digital Power-Optimization LLC has completed a $440,000 Seed II funding round at a $4,000,000 post-money valuation. 

FREMONT, CA : Digital Power-Optimization LLC secures $440,000 in Seed II funding round. DPO is the only Cryptocurrency Mining as a Service (CMaaS) provider globally, enabling energy producers to optimize the profitability and productivity of energy generation assets and associated infrastructure.

In September 2020, DPO had earlier raised a $100,000 Seed I financing round and started initial mining operations in November 2020. The company is presently in talks with multiple partners in power generation and is trying to increase operations in the near future to many locations across the U.S. and Europe. The new funding will enable DPO to increase headcount, improve marketing and business development activities, and implement recent pilot locations with additional mining computers. Salutem Capital, a NY-based investment company, fully funded this Seed II capital raise, with all current DPO investors investing in the raise to reduce dilution and gain more upside.

Salutem Capital's representative commented, "The DPO model is extremely innovative, forward thinking, and solves very real problems in a profitable way. This is all coming along at just the right time and the addressable market is enormous. We're excited for what's ahead."

DPO is a significant provider of energy industry services that can implement solutions ranging from as small as 0.5 MW, all the way up to 100 MW or more, ensuring the electricity is optimally used and priced. DPO provides a patented Cryptocurrency Mining as a Service (CMaaS)TM solution that utilizes highly profitable load-sinks on-location behind-the-meter cryptocurrency mining computers. In exchange for a fair fee, their specific arrangement ensures that the client holds the upside while handling the setup and service.

On a location-by-location and partner-by-partner basis, DPO provides a unique and personalized solution. They work with the company to structure the best suited to the needs and risk tolerances for activities, facilities, and financing options.