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Digital PR and the Velocity Effect

By CIOReview | Friday, April 19, 2019

The explosion of data is a gift for companies today. Companies are increasingly shifting to digital format for branding and connecting with customers. Digitalization is conquering every inch on the planet, and it’s advisable for the companies to align their goals with digital trends. Executives of companies have to ask crucial questions: first, how a company should be positioned in the market, and second, what tools and processes can be deployed for receiving correct insights.

The positioning has two goals: the first is to protect and maintain the position, and then, shift from position to a direction in which the company wants to move. The executive has to first understand the brand, product, and service before taking any position. After considerable analysis, executives that create a positioning mindset will help the company in digital public relations that will help outperform all other marketing communications activities and tactics.

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Administrators know that digital public relations depend on actionable insights. The insights that are gathered from a variety of digital instruments and settings will help monitor and calibrate the pulse of the market with regards to a product or service category. Companies understanding their positioning, and the share of their mind, from a macro viewpoint, will help them steer their public relations and additional marketing efforts creating a niche marketing strategy.

Speed is an essential part of developing a competitive edge for a company. Since executives are well aware of the first mover advantage; nevertheless, the problem with speed is that companies are not entirely sure about the direction in which they would move, which can be a costly affair for companies. That’s where velocity comes into to picture; companies can be sure in which direction they would move. Velocity necessarily means that the company draws insights from the data that the company deployed in the marketing process.

Digital PR will face tough challenges from the companies that deploy market intelligence keeping in mind the velocity, and by putting to use business intelligence.

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