Digital Publishing Platform Launched by SourceMedia to Serve Professionals

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 10, 2016

NEW YORK, NY: A new digital publishing platform is launched by SourceMedia to accelerate the fulfillment of their motive of delivering high-value content, engaging professional communities and facilitating commerce. This platform focuses on serving senior professionals in the financial, technology and healthcare industries through SourceMedia, and is incorporated with new user experience interface and state-of-the-art content management system (CMS).

Fully compatible with all brands, this platform provides a flexible and scalable structured growth which boosts industrial evolution, superior native advertisement integration, better user experience mobility and other attributes. These attributes incorporate content feeds, events and other services into its audience workflow. This platform also strengthen the SorceMedia’s portfolio of ongoing markets business brands, provides top digitalization capabilities to control its brands, market knowledge, audience and client relationships for enhancing its development.

Health Data Management, Employee Benefit News and Employee Benefit Adviser are the first sites going live on this new web platform. The other brands of company including flagships will follow the trend later after its full implementation. The holistic technique of this new platform gives a 360-degree viewer’s angle and interconnecting insights for its subscribers and marketing clients.

“With premium B2B network, technology at the center of our strategy, we are actively developing our internal capabilities and evolving with new technologies. These upgrades will drive on-going improvements to deliver more engaging user experiences while providing marketers with more innovative ways to reach their target audiences,” said Minna Rhee, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, SourceMedia.

Designed in collaboration with Perfect Sense Digital and development firm Work & Co, SourceMedia will provide powerful digital toolset to editorial, creative and research crew of new platform. “This is a milestone for SourceMedia, enabling us to deliver on important operational priorities and product strategies,” said David Longobardi, Chief Content Officer, SourceMedia.

The new platform hosts additional features like accessibility and engagement with viewability, for agile implementation of new products in all market communities.