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Digital Signage, the New Technology Tool driving the Online Market

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Digital signage attracts customer's attention and makes way for much more effective interaction and experience. It enables the planning and communication of messages dynamically and attractively.

FREMONT, CA: Delivering the best customer experience has become essential for businesses than ever before. As a result, more and more companies are turning to technology for assistance. This technology is such a powerful tool as it can be implemented in many ways. Enterprises of almost every industry have utilized this technology to meet the unique demands of their customers. In this way, the benefits of digital signage are nearly too many to count. 

The form of connected digital signage is more potent than traditional static signage. Digital signage is dynamic and easy to use as part of a network. It is comprised of hundreds of screens that can be managed independently or as a group. Unlike static signage, digital signage can display rich animated digital content that is ever changing and data-driven. As computers power digital signs, one can publish content to them via the internet. Besides, any given sign in a digital signage network can be customized to display information that is tailored to meet the requirements of the local audience. It allows enterprises to make sure that customers visiting a specific location are treated to the right message at the right place and time.

Comparing digital signage with static can reveal that the former's operational costs can be significantly lower, content can be updated anytime and as often as required, and it can integrate with other technologies like the point of sales systems or wayfinding to create extraordinary viewer experience. An exciting trend that is being witnessed in digital signage is that more of them are developing using internet-based software. The physical infrastructure components necessary for a building are seeing changes such as equipment costs dropping at a rapid pace, large format display screens popping up everywhere, and wireless networks becoming commonplace in most businesses. 

As technology seeps into people's lives, the natural progression to incorporate benefits of digital signage into a business strategy can improve customer experiences and store revenues. Studies show that digital signage is more impactful in promoting products and services, that is a technology tool worth exploring.

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