Digital Transformation for Construction Project Management
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Digital Transformation for Construction Project Management

By CIOReview | Friday, March 30, 2018

An uninterrupted flow of data and communication at every stage of a construction project is necessary for successful management of the projects. Today, handling projects with the adoption of information technology enable effective communication and data management overcoming generic flaws in construction industry like project delays, data inefficiency, broken communication, and budget deficits. 

The use of construction management software and other digital tools form the basis for managing all aspects of a construction process. Apart from the basic Project Management tasks various features including seamless time billing, invoicing options, collaboration tools, custom reporting, and other business tools make operations of a construction firm like a large-scale building or infrastructure projects significantly more efficient.

IT is exploring every aspect of the construction industry from channeling raw material to the model generation. Integration with design software enables builders to update and publish drawings easily and make them available to their subcontractors, and Building Information Modeling fulfills the need for a digital 3D design. Involvement with BIM accelerates the need for collaborative tools establishing smart buildings. The evolution of smart buildings with features like adaptive energy systems, automated systems, intelligent building management, assistive technologies, and remote monitoring is also changing the workforce of Construction Industry and Project management.

IT is transforming the way construction industry operates and with specialized processes like BIM the planning, designing, and construction of a project without overlooking significant factors like material and logistics, contract administration,  cost control, and project scheduling becomes feasible. With the recent adaptations resulting in the streamlined workflow at all levels in a process and higher profits, the future of construction industry awaits embracing information technology properly.

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