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Digital Twin Business Model and its advantages

By CIOReview | Friday, February 19, 2021

The success of every business lies in differentiating itself from its competitors and attracting more customers. Innovation is a must when one wants to stand out from the crowd. But with innovations, come some risks. Keeping this in mind, today we are going to discuss a methodology that speeds up business operations and also reduces expenditure.

Fremont, CA: Digital Twin A 'Digital Twin' is the visual copy of a particular process. It is simply a digital version of a process that product development follows. Digitization of every aspect of the process occurs right from the design phase, hence one can say, two similar processes run parallel to each other, one physically and one digitally. To carry out this method, details of the physical environment are captured using sensors. These pieces of information are then given as input to the digital twin simulation.

Several aspects of the process are implemented in the physical version only after they are being tested, analyzed, and verified in this virtual version. This method has several benefits as mentioned below.

Benefits of a Digital Twin

While developing a new product, numerous hurdles come up. Needless to say, there are some uncalled expenditures. The development phase of a product is extremely dynamic, and the operations also need to adapt to such conditions. Agility has to be sustained without compromising on effectiveness. In today's digital world, problems only multiply. Here is where Digital Twin comes in handy.

Assistance in decision making: To make an informed decision, one has to have all relevant information. Digital Twin enables us to accumulate all the data in a single platform. We can utilize the simulations and analyze results better. This increases the chances of making good decisions and in turn, incurs fewer additional expenses. This can also be used as a tool to understand and anticipate customer behaviors, hence increasing sales.

Increased Adaptability: As mentioned earlier, the physical and the digital process run parallel to each other. Hence the digital version, rather than being an improved version of the physical version, actually works as an extension of it and increases the adaptability of the entire process. The tests are performed digitally with the inputs taken only from the real physical environment. Performing a task virtually first gives an idea about the result one can anticipate and helps them make necessary modifications to the real process.

Predictive Earnings: While innovating, one of the main fears of a business is profitability. A digital twin model can help run simulations and analyze the results. These results will give an idea to the decision-makers about how much they have to spend, and how profitable it would be. One can also use this method to determine what the cost should be to generate profits.

Risk and Error predictions: Any company which wants to sustain itself in today's changing market, has to employ risk management to reduce losses. The digital twin can be employed to predict the risks that a process involves, along with the errors that may occur during it. This enables correction and modification of the real process on time so that such problems are avoided. Variables, such as customer behavior, can also be given as inputs to determine what modification has to be made to the product to meet the customer needs.

Needless to say, a digital twin can positively assist a company in making better decisions while also propelling their revenue. For this method to succeed, one also has to analyze the results properly and propose appropriate solutions, so that the real process goes smoothly.

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