Digital Video Sets New Trends in the Financial Market
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Digital Video Sets New Trends in the Financial Market

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 3, 2018

As progressive organizations are discovering new ways to deliver their message and measure their results, more money shifts into digital advertising. There is continuous growth in non-pay TV households as well. These trends have brought significant change in how video marketing delivers to consumers and how advertisers measure it.

Advertising shifts allow marketers to shift to a conversational model. This model encompasses ways through which a brand can leverage information gathered from how a consumer responds to their message. They then tailor the context of a message to suit the customers need and pay close attention to the susceptibility of the message. So far, quantifying a customers’ response has been insufficient; therefore, brands are trying to create opportunities that increase customer engagement through interactive ads.

Brands are trying to take advantage of new opportunities in the digital video environment by following various ways. The financial industry is increasing their spending, and are adopting data management platform (DMP) to create a centralized data that they gather from consumers’ interactions with their brand. Financial brands are investing in programmatic advertising that helps select viewers to see specific advertising in real time. Brands are also seeking out video advertising specialists who make the process of delivery, measuring of video ads easier. Brands are well on the way addressing challenges of being able to present the right creative to match the viewer’s full context of a profile, mindset, device, time and place.

These changes enable a new level of communication between brands in the financial sector and their customers.