DigitalGlobe Introduces Maps API in Partnership with Mapbox

By CIOReview | Monday, August 24, 2015

FREMONT, CA: High resolution earth imagery products and service provider, DigitalGlobe, launches Maps API for developers to incorporate images into their application.

DigitalGlobe in partnership with Mapbox, an OpenStreetMap-based mapping service will be providing a scalable, cloud-hosted solution that gives high resolution maps straight into mobile app or web. This Maps API can be used to access satellite vector and terrain content and build location-based application.

The Maps API will be providing current images to the developers and a base map called Vivid containing all the information which will be compiled and create a cleaned-up version of company data. The images are cleared for any obstruction created by clouds and are color corrected by DigitalGlobe.

Accordingly, Mapbox will offer street data and other relevant information needed by the developers and enable DigitalGlobe imagery to be distributed and back the service with Service Level Agreement (SLA).

“What we’ve been starting to see more and more of is this desire to own their own maps and have full control over their user data and flexibility in the licensing terms,” says DigitalGlobe’s Director of New Products, Luke Barrington.

With GBDX, the cloud-based platform will enable access to DigitalGlobe current and historical library of geospatial data. The developers will be able access this data and create a customer solution without the cost of owning and operating costly data and IT infrastructure.

“DigitalGlobe will give developers the ability to more easily brand their maps with their own logos, allowing for offline use, and use the company’s data to extract whatever information they need from it,” adds Luke Barrington.