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Digitalization and Automation Combined to Simplify Processes

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 29, 2020
Andy Daws, Chief Customer Officer

Andy Daws, Chief Customer Officer

Making the day-to-day tasks of customers easier with process automation and simultaneously simplifying complex process with the new AaaS solution.

FREMONT, CA: The power to dislocate the platform economy needs a strong vision and expert insights. The aim to provide knowledge workers with the ability to decide the means for completing their work without depending on the IT department, Kim Technologies has ensured complete digitalization and automation of processes.

The company has been providing clients with Automation-as-a-service (AaaS) since 2013. The recent upgrade, 10.0, combines the dynamic case management, automation, and no-code configurability of Kim, with Microsoft word and Azure.

The new Kim 10.0 automation engine acts as a bridge between MS Word’s universal interface and a Scalable infrastructure Microsoft Azure to enable self-serve, submission, and record tracking without exiting the Word, Office, or Office 365.

The company, Kim Technologies, was founded in September 2013 with a cloud-first, no-code configurable multi-tenant platform that leveraged various use cases of AI like machine intelligence and neural networks. Intending to make the process simpler, no new tools to deploy and no training to be required, Kim has launched the AaaS to assist legal, property, finance, HR and other teams to manage its support requests without the need to exit Microsoft Word, Office, and Office 365.

“As a young entity whose first product has already been embraced by customers around the world in multiple languages, we’re excited to continue our mission and bring the benefits of emerging technologies to knowledge workers everywhere,” concludes Andy Daws, Chief Customer Officer. Kim technologies have been recognized as one of the Top 20 Most Promising HR Tech Solutions Providers in 2018 by CIO Review. It has the aim to enable knowledge workers everywhere put-together to combine intake and recruit management, work allotment, self-service, document automation, designing and negotiation, dynamic case management, escalation and regulation, approval process and e-signature via DocuSign. All these features are carried out by the three-tiered models of the company that enables deep integration with systems throughout the enterprise and via various points. 

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