Digitalized Home Healthcare Benefits
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Digitalized Home Healthcare Benefits

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Home healthcare is benefitting from IoT (Internet of Things), wearable devices, blockchain and AI (artificial intelligence). Home healthcare offers suggestions for the patient’s well-being. It notifies for immediate ambulance assistance and also when the patient is not in the condition to visit hospitals, specially trained and qualified home healthcare professionals are of great help.

Home healthcare companies provide services that serve their clients better and stay competitive adapting various technological trends.

Maintaining Electronic Health and Medicine Records 

AI-enabled wearables automate manual tasks of observing, recording, reporting and thus freeing up valuable time of home care professionals. As these tasks are automated, home care professionals can analyze deeper into patient data while handling high-risk cases.

Digital Therapy machines are available in various types performing different functions. These functions include skin scraping, acupuncture, massage, weight reduction, and so on. Digital therapy machines use electric  energy to relieve users from pain and headaches. It also lessens the painful sensations experienced by the patients of arthritis and osteoarthritis. 

Mobile-assisted health devices ping updates based on the severity of patients’ conditions in real-time. Using mobile-assisted devices, health care professionals and doctors can improve the quality of treatment much better and faster.

The patients can also integrate a panic button alerting few people in case of emergency facilitating immediate intervention with mobile-assisted devices. It also helps in reducing readmission rates.  

Special critical medical procedures can be carried out by skilled medical professionals at home with the help of supervised nurses who are certified. These nurses also hold knowledge of technically advanced medical equipment.

With such benefits provided by digitalized Home Healthcare give better organized patient-centric services. The automated appointment scheduling eliminates the hassle of fixing random appointments. This increases the productivity of the overall home healthcare systems.

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