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Digitization: the Key to Future Document Management System

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Document management is necessary for all businesses no matter at which scale it operates. Technology and trends have also changed with time and digitization has dominated the trends in the documentation. Currently, every organization has a digital document management system more efficient than traditional paper and file management. Those who still stick to traditional methods are trailing in the competition. The futuristic document management system in enterprises must have the below key points integrated.

1. Support Cloud Storage: Ease of accessibility is a fundamental block of any system and the same goes with documentation. Mobility has become a part of the business, professionals now require to access data at any point in time. Remotely storing data and documents in the company’s server would hinder the access to it. Cloud storage is a great option which permits professionals to access and edit the data or documents from anywhere in the world. Digital must support cloud space improving the ease of access. All one needs is an active internet connection.

2. Collaboration and Social Connectivity: Social media platforms have become an essential source of information which makes it necessary during the digitization of documents that the system must support these platforms. Connectivity to these platforms will allow the enterprise individuals to directly store and share information through the platforms saving much of their time and resources in replicating the information. Sometimes this could emanate an issue of tracking updates in the documents. One single space is required to overcome this where collaboration can take place. Individuals would be able to update, comment and verify any document with a track of changes.

3. Multi-Platform Support: Introduction of mobile and tablet devices have increased mobility. Professionals use these devices at client locations for presentation and other purposes, therefore a document management system should be equally compatible with all devices permitting the individuals to utilize the software properly.

4. Scalability is Must: Document and data grow exponentially so must the management system also. The system used to digitize the documentation should be scalable which means it must have the tendency to expand as the needs of an enterprise.  

5. Security and Format: Security is paramount in document management. The system incorporated to digitize must be highly secure as it contains sensitive data which needs to be protected. Massive data centers facilitate round the clock monitoring with highly skilled engineers to repel cyber attacks but still, it is advisable to remotely store a copy, especially medical, financial, client information etc. Various file formats are available in the market. It’s advisory to choose one in which the system converts all files without damaging the original data and is easily accessible on all devices. PDFs and TIFFs are two such file formats that are being widely accepted.

Although digitization has reduced the use of paper in the business workflow but still its elimination if far away from reality and requires more time and striding initiatives. Similarly, organizations will also have to give time to employees to adopt paperless workflow.

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