Digitopia Assesses TecnoSuperiore's Digital Maturity
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Digitopia Assesses TecnoSuperiore's Digital Maturity

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The collaboration enables the Italian appliance brand to enhance product quality, streamline operations, and enter new markets.

FREMONT, CA: Digitopia, the leading digital maturity consultancy based in the United Kingdom, teams up with TecnoSuperiore, an Italian appliance brand, to consult on and support the company's digital transformation efforts. Digitopia evaluates, defines, and benchmarks TecnoSuperiores' digital capabilities to ensure an exceptional customer experience and operational efficiency.

The collaboration facilitates TecnoSuperiore to develop a digital transformation strategy and roadmap over the next few years. By measuring and benchmarking its digital maturity regularly, the organization can align its executive leadership team around a shared vision and establish a digital-first culture throughout the organization.

TecnoSuperiore is an Italian company based in the Emilia region. It manufactures high-end home appliances. With products manufactured in its historic Gualtieri factory, the organization is the region's largest investor and exports to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Digitopia’s solutions monitor TecnoSuperiore's digital transformation progress, including

The Digital Maturity Index (DMI) is a comprehensive and easily accessible digital maturity model and methodology that assesses an organization's digital maturity across six core dimensions to generate a personalized score.

The Digital Maturity Platform (DMP) is a mature platform that supports multiple leading maturity models and provides real-time reporting and dashboards for organizational maturity and industry benchmarking.

TecnoSuperiore's digital maturity strategy aims to enhance overall product quality and streamline operations across its supply chain. Additionally, the brand enhances customer experience, collaborates with larger ecosystems for digital innovation, and enters new markets.

Halil Aksu, CEO and co-founder of Digitopia, says, "Digitopia’s partnership with TecnoSuperiore represents the organization’s first project in Italy as we continue to expand our presence across Europe. This is a really exciting partnership for us, and we are looking forward to helping TecnoSuperiore improve its digital maturity; enabling the business to deliver outcomes that are beneficial not only internally, but to its customers and partners as well.”

Serdar Saner, CEO of TecnoSuperiore, comments, “Digitopias expertise and consultative approach to digital maturity make the organization the perfect partner as we begin our digital journey. In today’s environment, businesses must adapt or risk being left behind. We are confident that Digitopia will help us develop a robust and reliable digital maturity strategy that sustainably accelerates our digital transformation and delivers genuine business value.”