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dinApp - Application Virtualization Platform that Minimizes Security Threats

By CIOReview | Monday, November 16, 2015

LOS ANGELES, CA: dinCloud solves the incompatibility problem –of running applications on modern infrastructure or on multiple instances by introducing an application virtualization platform – dinApp on Windows OS. Instead of virtualizing the apps within the infrastructure of a company, reliable and easily deployable dinApp platform minimizes security threats without maintenance costs - saving time and money.

The application virtualization platform runs on dinCloud’s secured servers and makes the Windows applications instantly accessible from any physical/virtual mobile or desktop like Chromebook, Mac, Android, iPad or Windows devices; also from Chrome browser. Integrating with Microsoft Active Directory, the application can be easily furnished based on user/groups.  

The platform handles the need of running multiple versions of a single application simultaneously. It also supports applications that needs a legacy OS to run – all at low costs. dinApp is easy maintenance when compared to traditional app virtualization solutions. dinCloud believes in straight-forward subscription and predictable bills with no hidden charges. Virtual employees accessing applications has been now made secure with multiple levels of security in the form of firewalls, data encryption, A/V malware protection and Equinix Tier 3+ secure data centers.

As an add-on advantage, dinApp provides professional services including deployment, data migration, maintenance, upgrades and managed services. They also scale up the bandwidth worldwide to offer better connectivity between the infrastructures.