Discover an Innovative Future-Ready Communications Solution Here
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Discover an Innovative Future-Ready Communications Solution Here

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Lightweight and compact, the novel solutions is an innovative communication solution to safeguard adaptability to the new levels of operational efficiency, productivity, and safety needs of today’s business environment.

FREMONT, CA: People have come to anticipate that there is an app for practically every aspect of daily business and personal life duties. Businesses are cashing in on a 105 billion dollars app economy (by 2020), as seen by a 57 percent CAGR this year. Due to the pandemic, there has been a considerable surge in demand for corporate apps to enable distant activities in recent years. It is no longer feasible to remain offline. Unplanned downtime is projected to cost firms 50 billion percent per year, with maintenance costs accounting for anything from 15 percent to 40 percent of total production costs.

In places with GSM coverage, ensuring business continuity for remote activities is quite simple, and it is a lot more difficult to keep distant units connected. Many corporate applications have now been optimized for a narrow band satcom channel, but welfare programs and video maintenance have remained unaffordable. With the growing demand for corporate applications to support remote operations, Thuraya Telecommunications, a leading international provider of satellite communications services, and IEC Telecom, leading international providers of satellite communications services, are collaborating to introduce new capabilities of Thuraya WE, an innovative future-ready communications solution. Thuraya WE will disrupt the existing quo by providing affordable pre-paid personal communication bundles and high-definition video broadcasting from the field.

The solution operates on Thuraya networks uninterrupted coverage across two-thirds of the globe over MSS (maximum segment size) to address the key pain points of operations no matter where they are located, enabling affordable pre-paid packages for real-time communications and supplying high-end video transmissions from the field.

“With Thuraya’s resilient network and wide coverage across two-thirds of the globe, Thuraya WE ensures ease of use, affordability, and efficiency,” says Jassem Nasser, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Thuraya Telecommunications Company. “Thuraya WE is an innovative solution that expands the scope of business operations for diverse sectors to areas outside terrestrial coverage. As market demands evolve rapidly, we, at Thuraya, focus on such innovative solutions and flexible applications that keep our customers ahead of the competitive curve.”