Dispatch Application from Absio for Comprehensively Encrypted Email Communication

By CIOReview | Friday, September 12, 2014

Highlands Ranch, CO: Absio, a provider of cyber security and data control software, releases ‘Absio Dispatch’, a private digital communications application that enables secure digital delivery of confidential messages and attachments.

Though the application appears like email, the messages sent and received will be in encrypted format. It automatically encrypts every message and attachment individually and keeps them in an encrypted form on the users’ and the recipients’ mobile devices as well as computers. The messages could be accessed and read only by designated contacts.

Absio Dispatch allows user to choose the members into his trusted contact network. Those who have been approved can only send messages to the user. In the age of deluge of spam messages and unwanted emails, this application gives more control over the messages shared with the user.

The striking feature of this application is that it doesn’t have centralized access to passwords, encryption keys or metadata related to its users’ digital communications. Every message as well as attachment is encrypted individually with a different key on the user’s device before it is sent over and internet connection to the Absio servers.

“How do you know a conversation is private? You know who you are talking to and you know others can’t eavesdrop. Absio Dispatch provides private communications solely between you and your trusted contacts. We cannot enable anybody, including ourselves, to read your digital communications,” said Dan Kruger, Founder and CEO of Absio Corporation. “We cannot give anyone access to information that we do not have. At Absio, you are our customer. You are not our product.”