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Diversifying CRM with Gamification

By CIOReview | Monday, July 31, 2017

The millennials are in a gold rush for digital integration into their day to day life, and as a result, the distraction factor has become a major setback of the human psyche. Consequently, enterprises are, researching into various customer relationships management models to engage current and prospective clients with their products. Games, in general, have always attracted people’s attention, biologically it creates more dopamine in our brains that re-energizes our nervous system, but simply due to its plain entertaining and consequently, addictive nature. Game mechanics has proven engagement of users over the decades, and now it has emerged as a powerful sales tactics for enterprises to promote themselves among their customers.

Enterprises are modifying their platform through gamification to increase their customer content by the means of making their platforms more approachable and attractive through incentives. Gaming approaches are incorporated into websites, applications, and other platforms in the form of points, badges, trophies, challenges, and levels to increase customer interest. This new method of building customer relationship has proven beneficial for the enterprises that have adopted it and has increased data generation related to customer’s preference by the customers themselves. Incentives provided through gamification of a company’s website or web page raise brand loyalty in the customers and ensure future sales of the brand. Since it has become a major part of social media to enhance social interaction within users, enterprises are adopting methods implemented by social media and the data obtained from its metrics to enhance their user experience. Certain enterprises have adopted the method of reward system to obtain campaign ideas from customers. These reward systems motivate the users to provide ideas and help the companies obtain a user-centric data that will be elemental and rich of data regarding customer preference.

Gamification is also being used within an enterprise to increase employee engagements and internal competitions of the departments within a company to elevate performance, productivity, and efficiency with the help of entertainment. Gamification motivates employees to compete or collaborate with their peers more as it becomes a form of amusement for them, distraction is eliminated as the work becomes entertaining itself and breeds more innovative ideas and adoption of business application. It has been endorsed by its promoters as an exciting premise of experience that has been highly successful at encouraging workers to spend more time to get higher achievements.

The innovative Microsoft Dynamic 365—Gamification model software has majorly transformed the field of gaming tactics in customer relationship management. It supports business applications, such as sales, project service automation, field service, and customer service. The evolving technologies are being modified not only to simplify tasks but also to make daily mundane work attractive in its own dimension and gamification is just one of the various effective ways of achieving it. It helps the employers track their employee’s everyday performance.

Gamification has become an important learning aspect, its engagement of people has given a dynamic storage of highly enriched information and data of innovative ideas. In itself gamification has been highly effective in helping people gather and share content for further research and knowledge share. The game mechanics have assisted in endowing highly visible and effective results both regarding employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. It has helped employers gain end-to-end control of their businesses to increase the future sales process. The engaging working environment has opened up platforms in support of employees to seek mentorship from the experts inside the company and information used as a comparison for potential and current customers.

The innovative implementation of game mechanics into web portals, websites, and web pages has been a successful advance towards satisfying the needs of the customers and making the brand memorable. It makes memorable images of the brand in the eyes of the customers and motivates the employees of a company to be more innovative. Game tactics help create a large number of personal data of an individual as customers are willing to give away more information to gain advances in the game. The changing nature of consumer behavior has shifted the nature of CRM to the adoption of modern user interface gaming technology.