DLT and AI to Transform the outlook of Master Data Management
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DLT and AI to Transform the outlook of Master Data Management

By CIOReview | Friday, June 14, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Master data is readily one of a company's critical assets. The value of master data and the significance of master data management will only develop with ongoing digitization and the advent of the fourth industrial revolution. The recent tools for making this feature smarter and safer are AI and blockchain. Master data primarily relates to all the static information used to define a business' critical aspects. Master data's aim is more to identify and less to measure. Master data management is closely linked to nearly every critical aspect of a company. More than anything else, master data enables companies to identify the various elements engaged in their day-to-day activities and their enterprise-wide information systems.  

AI's capacity to automate routine computational and data entry duties makes a convincing case for artificial intelligence to be incorporated into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other information management technologies. AI makes information systems more intelligent by ensuring that the right type of data is made available at the right time. This guarantees that the entire organization stays effective and flexible using the information system. Similarly, AI can introduce autonomy and agility into master data management operations such as data quality management, data management, and ultimately, even data management.

Ensuring data security is essential to compliance with legislative bodies, not only for ethical reasons. And in this day and age, no discussion about safety and privacy is complete without blockchain mention. Blockchain can be used to secure sensitive information that makes up master data, which is often deemed to be synonymous with intimacy. This involves any private data, such as customer and employee data. All such data can be obtained by cryptographic hashing using blockchain. Businesses can create company blockchain networks internally with a decentralized model to safeguard and handle master data.

It will become a regular fixture in contemporary enterprise architecture due to AI's versatility and increasing capacities. Businesses leading the race to adopt AI for master data management will see instant outcomes. Eventually, the objective is to create it as simple and intuitive as possible to manage master data.