DNN Introduces Evoq 8 to Power Customers to Publish and Evaluate Web Pages

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 10, 2015

SAN MATEO, CA: DNN, a provider of web content management solutions, announces that its Evoq 8 is now available for customers. Evoq 8 enables digital marketers to access all their digital assets regardless of its storage point, publish content to online channels with personalized option for visitors and measure effectiveness.

Evoq 8 allows user to customize web page as well as add personalized rules in real-time. This comprises geography, account registration, gender, age, recent visits, referral source, search terms and ad clicks. The platform provides an intuitive, easy-to-learn and streamlined interface that features layout and editing capabilities with optimum efficiency. It also displays statistical reports on each web page by collecting data of page views, referrers, unique visitors and conversions. With page-content analytics, the performance of the content is easily determined by the vendors.

The new page content management platform utilizes cloud-hosted repositories such as Dropbox, Amazon S3 and SharePoint through its built-in connectors to provide easy access for digital assets through a single window. This access allows marketers to use multiple services and saves time by moving or copying duplicate content to their preferred locations.

Evoq 8 integrates with advocacy marketing capability to inform customers regarding challenges, status, award points and badges. Additionally, the platform enables customer to integrate their websites with Marketo to facilitate it with redesigned user experience.

“Marketers have to coordinate the publishing and tracking of content to multiple channels and systems, beyond their own websites – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, campaign microsites and landing pages, CRM systems, and marketing automation systems. From a marketing solutions perspective, on the one hand are traditional Web CMS for content publishing; and on the other hand, there are now more nascent solutions from young companies rooted in predictive analytics, personalization, and content marketing. Marketers are desperate to bridge that gap,” says Navin Nagiah, CEO and President, DNN.