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DNS Monitoring: A Significant Step towards Safeguarding Digital Presence

By CIOReview | Monday, May 13, 2019

There are different ways to look at DNS, but here's the most important: as a distributed directory service that works globally, since the mid-80s it has been the fundamental basis of what we call the internet.

This means whenever people use the internet from home, office, a cafe, a car they can visit a site, send an email, make a purchase,  access social media through DNS. In short form, DNS acts as a vehicle in which domain name related information travels around the internet.

It is also the medium used in concerted cyber attacks for communication purpose. This means that the DNS protocol provides a unique level of visibility in every threat, from minor-league malware and phishing to large-scale infiltration of data.

Here are some key metrics which help to monitor the condition of a DNS server to troubleshoot the domain name resolution in case of timeout.

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•  DNS response time: It indicates the response time of a DNS server from each monitoring location and also the average response time.

•  Type of DNS record: Displays the availability of look up.

•  DNS record name and search value: Checks if the name of the resolved record matches with the search value configured.

Recent researches conducted on 30 large enterprises demonstrated that 97 understood the value of DNS monitoring in threat detection and attack blocking whereas rest of the companies thought that this process might be so basic that it gets overlooked by cybercriminals to employ more sophisticated strategies to perform cyber attacks.

However, the degree of difficulty can't impede the level of DNS security with sustained initiatives. Optimal monitoring at the DNS level can play a unique role in predicting, identifying and blocking small and significant threats in a sea of data noise and this will become a tremendous benefit for any organization in encountering cyberattacks with more efficiency.

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