Do Away with Bulky Lead Scanning Devices and Imports, Say Hello to eContacts

By CIOReview | Friday, August 28, 2015

FAIRFIELD, NJ: Salesforce ISV partner and sales solution provider, Vision-e launched a cross-platform app eContacts, powered up by the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to scan business cards and turn them into leads and contacts. This OCR technology enables users to convert different types of scanned paper documents (badges) into editable and searchable data.

New updates from eContacts features faster communication between sales managers and their sales reps, shortening sales cycles and ensuring that reps are armed with right information at the right time.

Traditionally, trade shows involves scanning the badges of the attendee’s with a bulky lead tracking device. Clients had to wait for the trade show’s organizers to invert back with attendee’s excel list at the end of show. It also required users to feed information into the CRM system from stack of the business cards with notes written on it. But by the time sales representatives follow up, there were minimal chances of converting leads into opportunities.

Now there’s a way available, facilitating to capture attendee’s details directly into eContacts CRM from the app. With the simple and quick technology, users now just need to scan the QR code in the attendee’s badge, or take a picture of business card.  The app automatically extracts all of the information and presents it to the user on the mobile device screen. That means users can assign a lead owner, take notes, and add tasks on the spot. 

The new version also eliminates the task of importing data from spreadsheets. It provides managers a platform to tag sales reps using @ and # symbols to categorize the lead by campaign. It helps linking leads automatically to campaigns, and incase if there’s an error in scanning users can still add leads manually.