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Do Gen Z Employees Have to be Managed Differently?

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 26, 2019

It is being said that Gen Zers are going to be the most spontaneous generation in terms of digital capabilities. Is it true?

FREMONT, CA: The time for managers to learn a new management style has come. With Gen Z filling the workplace, a new set of personality traits and work styles have emerged to learn. Though these are called post-millennial generation, Gen Zers are not entirely similar to millennials.

Gen Zers ascertain digital requirements

In our digital society, Gen Zers first think from a digital perspective, which makes them the best generation to anticipate the requirements of consumers and constituents. The Gartner report forecasts that by 2025, the Gen Zers will be able to anticipate immensely valued digital capabilities.

Very versatile

While millennials prefer to be specialists, Gen Zers want to be versatile. Hence, companies are advised to encourage Gen Zers to discover a plethora of career trajectories that go beyond the conventional scope. It is advisable for business leaders to become mentors and teach practical skills and demonstrate behaviors in contrast to coach leaders who can make people’s potential to emerge via active listening and incisive questioning. Millennials are in favor of a coach, whereas Gen Zers anticipate being noticed and rewarded for their skills, knowledge, not their potential.

No job hoppingTop Utilities Tech Solution companies

Unlike millennials who keep shifting their jobs, Gen Zers are not job hoppers, in spite of having high ambitions regarding personal growth. Instead, they are natural entrepreneurs and role hoppers. They are in favor of the idea of developing skills, welcome extra training, and are more devoted to building a career at one company instead of hopping from one employer to another.

Gen Z demonstrates their constant awareness of their requirement to continually upgrade themselves to remain relevant in their workplace of the future. Gen Z appreciates learning and development as a significant employment attraction driver.

They are blunt

Though Gen Zers are more frank with their questions as compared to millennials, they also want to be aware of the company’s contribution from the outset, and they wish to add value straight away and make a difference. Gen Zers give a lot of importance to their time and want to know how they will be appreciated for it. However, millennials assume that they will be promoted or will get a hike in their salary by working continuously.

It is clear that future employees will be more flexible than ever before. However, it is advisable for enterprises to take appropriate measures for Gen Zers to prepare their workplace and meet their demands.

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