Docker 1.9 - Now Production-Ready for Deployment; Cracks Network Ailments

By CIOReview | Friday, November 6, 2015

FREMONT, CA: The age old complaint associated with the experimental support for Docker Networking is now resolved with the release of Docker 1.9. Named as the ‘Multi-Host Docker Networking’, the new feature poses as the solution to the previous complicated networking model. The release comprises of updates on many components associated with the Docker Engine.

To begin with, Docker Swarm gets elevated from beta-testing phase to production. A new volume management system is added to the Docker Engine for storing incessant data and Compose presents better compatibility with multiple environments.

In a smart move to fix the issues, Docker teams up with SocketPlane transforming its networking solution along the lines of OpenDaylight/Open vSwitch network fabric. Communication among containers is now smooth as Docker Network permits users to create virtual networks spanning the underlying hosts.

Networking drivers from third-party vendors - Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Midokura, Nuage, Project Calico, VMware and Weave can be now plugged-in to the version 1.9. A survey on increasing importance of container adoption reports that 93 percent of respondents either are already using or planning to adopt application containers. Out of them, 78 percent pitch on Docker containers; observes George Leopold in a report for Enterprise Tech site.

With the hope for running application containers on any infrastructure, Docker strikes a deal with Tutum, application services developer. The deal also concentrates on frail parts like slow deployment of container technology in enterprises.