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Docker announces Docker Enterprise 3.0, next generation application innovation platform

By CIOReview | Friday, May 3, 2019

Docker, one of the renowned container platform providers, has announced its latest innovation, Docker Enterprise 3.0, recently at a container user conference. With this all-new container platform, developers can instantly develop applications and deliver them to the users. Digitally transforming the trend of application development, Docker Enterprise 3.0 serves as an end-to-end solution to making application development and deployment easier than ever. Providing a range of app development opportunities, Docker simulates an open environment to help the developers build apps of any type and run them on any medium right from legacy systems to emerging cloud or ever-evolving edge-computing ecosystems. Docker Enterprise 3.0 drives digital application creation and deployment paradigms by integrating with Kubernetes, an open source programme for scaling and managing containerized applications. Docker model adds to the Kubernete stack offerings with simple, safe and effective software compatibility capabilities.

Docker Enterprise 3.0 is an attempt to automate software development, implementation, and deployment operations. This sophisticated platform uses various algorithms and high-tech tooling routines to smoothen the aspects of development, processing, and delivery. Leveraging Kubernetes specifications to containerize applications and service ops features to ensure consistency, Docker Enterprise 3.0 emerges as a new Kubernetes-container use case for scaling and delivering user applications. This smart Enterprise-as-a-service enables the industries to offer digitalized solutions easily and quickly, by standardizing the working principles of containers and following a single-point operation approach.

Docker holds the reputation of leading the global containerization market. As the first company to offer customized world-class container platform services for simplifying application development and deployment, Docker facilitates the IT sector to build applications, implement, and test and deliver them seamlessly. Inspired by digital business transformation, Docker’s enterprise-grade service allows the engineers to make, share, secure and manage applications. Supporting both cloud-native and on-premise services this high-velocity application innovation strategizes business perspectives, and development and production principles, and offers in-depth insights into new technologies.