Docker Unfolds Containerization through Advanced Docker Datacenter

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 25, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Docker unveiled a new controller based container center denominated Docker Datacenter (DDC) .The DDC is designed to ensure control over creating, managing and shipping containers on large and small scale business. It also delivers applications in the form of containers. Developers enable containerization to create distributed applications to run across multiple servers slashing the use of applications running on a single server. Docker is an open-source engine, launched and maintained by dotcloud. It automates deploying of any applications as a light weight, portable, self sufficient container that encapsulates any payload and runs consistently on and between any server virtually.

The DDC comprises of commercial pieces including Docker Universal Control Plane and Docker Trusted Registry. It also includes open source pieces such as Docker Engine. The application aims at using central administrative interface in managing the entire lifecycle of Dockerized applications for the companies. The docker enhances developers agility to create containerized applications, while providing operations and the tools required in bringing order to the process.

Docker containers influenced companies’ ability by managing control over administration, security and governance around the containers created and shipped. This led customers being called the driving force behind the tool and naming it as Containers as a service (Caas).

“As part of our initiative to modernize our business-critical applications to microservices, ADP has been investigating solutions that would enable our developers to leverage a central library of IT-vetted and secured core services that they could rapidly iterate on,” said Keith Fulton, Chief Technology Officer, Docker.