Docker Upgraded to Version 1.8: Includes New Features and Updates on Engine Features

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 9, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Docker releases Docker 1.8, with new additions and updates on engine features. Docker, an open source program delivers open source tools to help developers build applications with open APIs and lets the administrators manage the application better.

The significance of this version is the innovative ‘Docker Content Trust’ and the Docker Toolbox. While the former in the Docker engine brings about image signing and verification capabilities; the latter replaces the existing Boot2Docker, being considered the fastest way to initiate working in Docker development environment.

The Toolbox offered to Mac and Windows users include: VirtualBox to run a lightweight Linux VM containing the Docker Engine; Docker Machine, a tool that installs Docker onto VirtualBox; Docker Client for the OS; and Graphical User Interface, Kitematic for Docker. The Mac version includes the Docker Compose to help with multi container applications. For Boot2Docker users or if VirtualBox is already installed, the installation instructions guides the migration.

The orchestration tool has been upgraded with Compose version 1.4 as well as Machine and Swarm updated to 0.4. Other functional improvements were also included in addition to the elements of Toolbox like version 2.1 of the Docker Registry for faster operation.

The overall theme of this release is based on enhancing security and ease of use; security targeting the large enterprise users and the ease of use to familiarize the solution amongst developers. Docker will be ultimately focusing on Windows Server 2016, setting the sights on Windows userbase.