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DocsInk Enters a Strategic Alliance with Genesis to Optimize Healthcare Facilities

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 3, 2016

WILMINGTON, N.C: DocsInk, a mobile healthcare software company integrates with Genesis to enhance efficiencies in medical practices. The solution enable receipt of medical charges in real-time with HIPAA complaint secure messaging for instant connectivity between care teams.

The Mobile Charge Capture ensures all healthcare benefits to be billed and paid quickly and accurately. The solution works tandem with mobile applications benefiting accounts receivable from a reduced charge lag period, improved billing accuracy and increased reimbursement. The solution helps doctors to move with efficient point of care charge capture process around. The software is compatible with android, iphone, and desktop- allowing doctors to use a PC or small device based on their preferences.

Genesis clients will also have an access to DocksInk’s HIPAA secure communication platform to provide seamless connectivity between patient care teams. It also promotes easy and efficient sharing of pertinent clinical information in real-time. The Real-time communication eliminates costly errors and redundant services –reducing the per capita cost of healthcare. The feature allows attaching patients directly to the message, sending a consult to the patient attached with a message. The Network feature creates a full local network of verified providers on the user’s platform. In addition, the platform helps in easily adding important people in the Healthcare community as favorites. Using DocsInk call feature enables users to view user’s organization’s On-Call groups as well as additional groups that are linked to them. On-Call group feature helps large facilities and campuses to link together to get hold of someone the moment they require.

"The DocsInk® and Genesis partnership is not only ideal for both our teams, it's ideal for the healthcare community as a whole. We have a proven solution for issues that have existed within the medical industry for years. Our intuitive mobile charge capture provides instantaneous billing within 2-7 seconds and will help medical facilities realize an immediate increase in revenue simply by capturing 100% of charges," said Julie Thomas, CEO, DocsInk.