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Does the Future Market Belong to Robots?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Although AI produces cutting-edge solutions in the marketing industry, without the proper application of human effort, it will fail to achieve complete outcome.

FREMONT, CA: For quite some time, Artificial Intelligence has been the solution to all business challenges, especially to those faced by marketers looking to construct their top-funnel pipeline. And with the involvement of human intelligence, AI functions best. Humans are indispensable for two key reasons. The first is to increase the efficiency of machines. And the second is that only humans can bring a personal touch to the brands for delivering successful campaigns.

AI excels at aggregating, separating, and storing data in efficient ways. It is also pretty functional for making preliminary assumptions depending on the scale. For example, Machine Learning can chomp through massive and unverified data-sets to recognize statistically applicable connections that reveal actionable insights for marketers.

But there is a point where AI lacks competence and can lead to poor brand experiences. Sophisticated AI platforms often require a considerable amount of instructions by the individual device user to function correctly. AI also cannot eradicate biases that are accidentally built into an algorithm. Nor can AI recognize the composite shades of human emotion. A brand endorsement is all about tapping into human passions that prompt a buyer to act; AI is useless in understanding why or how emotional connections occur.

In all the cases mentioned above, human intelligence would instantaneously spot how AI got things mistaken and maneuver it back in the proper direction. Human intelligence can suspect a situation after observing just a handful of outcomes, and, will close down on the tool before it is too late. As a result, AI will never thrive without human intelligence.

Positions like data scientists will always be needed to evaluate a marketer’s business requirements, and recognize data sources that are suitable to discover solutions. When enterprises leverage their finest resources (people) with customized ML assistance, the true potential of the business process can be unlocked. Without human intervention, AI applications will always carry a risk that will produce the outcomes marketers would prefer to avoid.