Dot Hill System Ultra48 AssuredSAN: a High Density Hybrid Storage System

By CIOReview | Monday, July 27, 2015

LONGMONT, CO: Dot Hill System delivers solutions which combine storage software with hardware platforms of enterprises in order to store, share and manage data. The organization has recently announced that its applied patent, regarding enhancement in security and service of its Ultra48 AssuredSAN, a ultra-density hybrid storage system; has been validated and will be available for OEM and channel partners.

Ultra48 AssuredSAN storage array will maximize storage processing power in minimal rack footprint. The ultra-density frame houses approximately 58 terabytes of data on 2.5 inch hard disk drives, while utilizing 23 percent less power. It supports any combination of solid state drives and hard drives in the same enclosure. The Ultra48 Chassis is designed with three removable drawers consisting 16 small Hard Disks and Solid Drives. While system is active these drawers can be opened, allowing easy replacement of failed drives. It supports Full Disk Encryption which remains protected through an encryption key and deliver storage solution capabilities that are built on company’s new RAID stack.Ultra48 AssuredSAN stores 230 terabytes in a mere eight rack units, preserving datacenter floor space.

The awarded patent of this innovation allows Ultra48 AssuredSAN system to be deployed in datacenter offering unmatched density. “This patented innovation ensures easy drive accessibility and maintenance as well as the safety of the storage administrator”, says Ken Day, CTO, Dot Hill.