dotCMS Brings in New SaaS Network Targeting; Boosts Content-Driven Web Applications

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 15, 2015

MIAMI, FL (PRWEB): dotCMS comes up with a new SaaS Content Management System (CMS) and Digital Experience platform, which enhances the flexibility and removes bounds for growth. dotCMS Enterprise Cloud provides business organizations with a private, secure, and totally customizable cloud-based platform to perform creatively. The platform is capable to set-up websites, intranets, extranet portals, apps or any type of content driven web apps with distinctive speed and liveliness. dotCMS Enterprise Cloud ships as a suite of all options, support, guarantee and upgrades.

The challenge of managing exponentially growing content and its distribution channels have been tackled with the next-generation dotCMS’s SaaS, which provides vastly scalable and integrable digital experience solution for organizations. SaaS solution stands as their game-changing response to the real-time marketplace requirements. Built and performance-tuned on Amazon Web Services, dotCMS enterprise cloud can be rolled out as a single or multiple occurrence, along with a high availability broadcasting environment that can be built as per IT sector’s demand.

“We recognize the evolving and overlapping needs of marketers, developers and IT professionals. They’re looking for a SaaS content management, development and infrastructure solution that drives efficiencies, generates innovation and optimizes results in today’s digital economy,” says Tim Brigham, CEO of dotCMS. SaaS CMS is expected to match every business expectation, ranging from convenience, ease of use to lower IT maintenance costs, where flexibility or cost is not compromised.

There are no cumulative or per unit charge linked with adding users, editors, apps, sites, plug-ins or anything that developers build in the system with dotCMS Enterprise Cloud. Businesses are also authorized to select the most cost-reliable model based on their distinctive IT and business necessities. They bring the systems and content together to drive efficiency and optimize results in the digital business arena.

“Removing traditional limitations with SaaS was the driving force behind dotCMS Enterprise Cloud. We found a way to deliver all the benefits of SaaS, without the costly constraints and limitations that hold businesses back from growing their digital enterprise,” states Will Ezell, CTO, dotCMS.